International Speaker – LeeAnn Marie Webster

Fancy Meeting Me Here Show

Next Performance:
June 12, 2024 at Camp Abundant

Growing up in Southern Ohio with an alcoholic dad and bipolar mom, LeeAnn has to learn how to forge her own way. When she’s four years old, her only protector – her 12-year-old brother – dies, leaving behind a grieving family and her parents’ divorce. All LeeAnn wants to do is go to Disneyland, but life has other plans. LeeAnn brings the audience on an inspiring, empowering, and unforgettable journey as she embraces the adversity of her childhood and finds support in the most unlikely places, including from the other side. It doesn’t matter where you started, it matters where you go.

Join us in June for a very special performance at Camp Abundant (in the Redwoods)

Awesome &

Captivating show – great storytelling

I cried. A lot. REALLY enjoyed it!

Laughs, tears, heart & heroism. A story worth being told.

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